Testing, again. (Zuffenhaus Products 2.8RSR Caliper)

MORE testing on the Zuffenhaus Products’ 2.8RSR Caliper – this time, something a bit more interesting than yawn FEA or static pressure tests.

This is some top-secret stuff. The caliper is being tested on one of only 2 or 3 Brake Dynamometers in the US – at approximately 1300 degrees temperature – continuous hard braking through the life of a set of racing brake pads.

Speed, Pressure, Temperature, and Torque data is being collected for analysis:

We’ve agreed not to show photos of the testing rig itself, but thought you’d enjoy some of the action shots:

While we were on site, we thought you’d appreciate seeing some component parts, fresh from anodizing after machining.

The Zuffenhaus Caliper is cast, like the original, and goes through many processes to get to the state shown here.

All internal components are designed to be interchangeable with the Porsche 930 production caliper – meaning you will never be without a source for replacement parts, if needed! (More likely, we’ll supply replacement parts for your 930 calipers when Porsche is out of stock.)

Look for a European market release date in December-January 2011/12, followed by a US/ROW release by the end of Summer 2012.