new [center lock] wheel prototyping, Mary Stuart RSR build.

Yes, I am the world’s worst blogger.  Despite the excellent example John Glynn sets, I simply forget about this tool.

So, once again I attempt to change my ways and offer you all this- a short clip of our 18inch RSR Center Lock wheel prototyping:

This wheel is being developed as an alternative to the (now very old) original Center Lock wheels on vintage Porsches and will be constructed as a 3-piece wheel (the part above is the narrow version for cars with 9/11 inch flares) in the manner of our popular 17inch Fuchs-style 3-piece line. 

The new wheel will debut on the Zuffenhaus Mary Stuart RSR project, a very interesting build that has been discussed/featured here on the Pelican Parts forums. 

This project will utilize quite a few Zuffenhaus products; the aforementioned wheels, Center Lock conversion kit, 2.8RSR Caliper kit, 911RS Steering Wheel with Backdate Hub, 911RS Horn Button, and custom reproduction Mary Stuart RSR carbon fiber body panels.