More testing. (Zuffenhaus Products 2.8RSR Caliper)

(this is an iPhone app test. How’d I do?)

Here’s something a little off the beaten path for your local Porsche service shop:

This is the second endurance testing session on the Brake Dyno. After two hours of abuse, we decided to go all-in and test the caliper to destruction – until we exceeded the maximum hydraulic pressure of the testing equipment without caliper failure. (We give up, time to put these things on a car and use them in anger.)

In addition to continuing testing on the Zuffenhaus 2.8RSR Caliper as shown above, we’re building out inventory of peripherals for the upcoming caliper product release including hats and rotors, and continuing development work on reproduction RSR ‘clothes pin’ parking brake assemblies

Below are photos of rotor hat fitment verification (excuse the surface rust on the rotor.)

– and some calipers (in the Eurowerks/Zuffenhaus conference room.)

Remember to look for the calipers in the webstore!