11th hour

With 4/15 rapidly approaching, it’s almost impossible not to reflect on the previous year.

In that frame, I’d like to share some of my favorite snapshots of 2011 with the rest of you.


Early in the year we were final testing the Zuffenhaus Products’ 2.8RSR Calipers – an extraordinary product, already well received in Europe.

Here we had just given up attempting to test to destruction, having long before exceeded F1 hydraulic pressures, and decided to hang out and shoot random images.


Welding. – we do a bit of that around here.


Being an East Coast operation, we try to be mindful of Eastern and alternative approaches to our work.

Here an already wide Porsche becomes wider and lower, while correcting some shape/symmetry issues inherent in the race-quality body panels.


and the eleventh hour, a scene typical of wrapping up weekend project work – just in time to do it all again Monday morning.