IN WITH THE NEW. 2012 Zuffenhaus Fuchs (-style 3-piece 17 inch wheels)


We are pleased to announce the all-new Zuffenhaus Fuchs-style wheel.

Completely redesigned for 2012, this Version II wheel borrows no components from the original, but shares it’s DNA, as you can see for yourself in the image above.


Like the game-changing first generation ZUF wheel, the Version II (shown on left in raw 6061T6 aluminum) bases its aesthetic mission on a properly-scaled, proportionally pleasant true 17inch center.


Blind-fastened from the rear, proprietary “soft-lip” still in place, the new Zuffenhaus wheel continues the correct interpretation of the historical Fuchs sized for today’s tire options.


Manufactured for Zuffenhaus by FIKSE, this new product capitalizes on Fikse’s Motorsport wheel technology and experience to overcome the production limitations of the previous generation wheel design.

Fikse barrel componentry insures replacement part availability – in case the unthinkable should happen.

Ordering is easier than ever now – whether through the web store, over the phone with Zuffenhaus, or through the Fikse catalogue, you have many ways to put your name on one of the 10 sets available per month.
July 2012 is already sold out

Still available in Standard, Classic, and RSR finishes, but now also with a Standard-Lip Option on the outer barrels for those of you who don’t need the utmost in proper Fuchs-aesthetic – racing applications and competition use, for instance.

One more image to wrap up this post – the new wheel has been in development for some time and we’re very pleased to be able to announce it here, to you, at this time!

I leave you with the FIRST set of the new 2012 Zuffenhaus wheels, beside the last client delivery set of the first generation Zuffenhaus Fuchs: