911RS Backdate Steering Wheel


Pictured above is the business end of THE SOLUTION for mounting the historic 380mm RS/RSR Steering Wheel (or the vintage 400mm for that matter) on the ’74-’89 911 steering column.

Zuffenhaus Products has developed this 2-piece Hub assembly as part of our product catalogue specifically for backdate applications – now it is no longer necessary to become part of the legion of prototipo & accordian-style hub users when backdating your SC or Carrera!

We’ll be adding this product to our webstore shortly, but thought you’d appreciate some photographs of the wheel/hub combo in the meantime:

The pictures above show the wheel with the Zuffenhaus Products 911RS ‘Hockey Puck’ Horn Button – available seperately in our webstore.

Below is a picture of the wheel/hub combo as you’ll receive it, ready for your original horn button (butterfly or hockey puck variety.) 911RS Steering Wheel/Backdate Hub combo includes top plate and horn contact as shown.