993 Fuchs

We’ve been test fitting the Zuffenhaus Products 3-piece Fuchs-style Wheels on 993s today:


This is an 8.0 inch fitment on the front of a 993 C2 with stock brakes and uprights.


And the rear –


These are fairly aggressive fitments – emphasizing the shape of the 993 body and fenders (hopefully in a way the factory failed to do!)


The black 993 pictured is lowered significantly and has more negative camber than a stock example – it is what we consider a street/track set up, careful on speed bumps and driveways, but useable for daily commuting.

Contrast that with a similarly aggressive fitment on a bone-stock C4S (high ride height, minimal negative camber):


Although the front wheel for the C4S (as with the 993 Turbo and C2S variants) is an 8.5inch width (0.5inch wider than the C2), it actually uses a narrower outer barrel as it must be moved outward 3.5mm to clear larger brake calipers.

The photo below shows the front wheel at full droop, which moves the wheel outward from the centerline of the chassis (according to the arc of the ball joint in the front A-arm as it moves upward into the fender.)


Rear of the C4S at similar droop:


Additional camber and ride height adjustment will round out the Fuchs installation on a 993 model.


We’re looking forward to putting some of these new fitments on a handful of the exciting 993 builds currently in progress in the US and abroad.