2012 RGruppe Bergrennen, part III

Still catching up at work, so this post comes to you from my home (at 5:00am on my day off, no less!)

More Bergrennen – the LOCOMOTIVE:

What could be more fitting? The Shay geared steam locomotive was hill-climbing in WV long before the first 911 met an incline.

From the Cass Scenic Railroad website: “Invented to do the impossible, the Shay logging locomotive was designed to climb the steepest grades, swing around hairpin curves and negotiate frail temporary tracks.

Sounded Bergrennen to us…

A handful of RGruppers hill-climbed via Shay Engine #11, climbing (and descending) 9% grades and two switchbacks to lunch at Whittaker, enjoying a small dose of soot and cinders along the way.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to ride up the mountain this year, definitely plan on it in the future.

manual brakes!

Ed & Aaron

Bob likes trains.

Steaming up the hill.

Mr. Angry pulling us up the hill after the first switchback

Brian, arrival at Whittaker.

Julia & Mr. Angry.

passing big No.6 on the way down

‘taking on water’ after the hillclimb.

Read up on Shay Geared Steam Locomotives

Now back to PORSCHE CONTENT- since we all traveled to WV for the parking lot, not the scenery 😉


And I’ll close this post with the unofficial Bergrennen logo: the leaf in the horn grille.

Look for Part IV – Bergrennen conclusion.