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We were asked in class last night (you folks don’t take night classes to stay current on technologies and methods that affect your skill sets?!) if any of us were familiar with casting techniques.

Of course I am, as a result of my background – but Zuffenhaus is as well.

In addition to needing mold-making experience to design and execute the Zuffenhaus Mary Stuart RSR body panels, we also made the decision to base the Zuffenhaus 2.8RSR Calipers on castings, as per the originals.

Although the alloy and post-pour techniques have improved over the years, the base process has been around since well before anyone was imagining cars…


^ that’s a couple of guys pouring hot metal into an investment mold.


And the investment being chunked off of the cast part – you can see the fins in this photo.

It doesn’t photograph well, but I get a kick out seeing the process that gives us our parts for machining.