DIY 356 (outlaw) project.

Thanks almost single-handedly  to the Emorys the ‘outlaw’ 356 is on everyone’s short list nowadays.  Here is your opportunity to build your own.

This outlaw 356  was started by a west-coast shop, then later sold to an east coast enthusiast.  It has been in storage at Zuffenhaus since 2009, and is now ready for a new owner to continue the project.

The tub was previously prepared for a 911 engine/901 transaxle conversion, and shows some of the ‘outlaw’ visual language already; through-hood fill included.

The tank has been modified for center-fill and the original filler closed:

911 Torsion Bar housing/transaxle mount has been installed and a provision for the 911 oil tank added:

Although a solid starting point, this 356 will need some attention, both in respect to tidying up the history of use, and some amending of previous work:

(we’re not sure why someone would want to access the alternator/fan pulley nut through the rear bodywork, and removing this would be our first order of business)

Wrinkles (hey, it’s over 50 – you have to expect some.) and some general, overall condition shots:


Direct questions and/or submit bids to or 704-821-3061!