MSRSR update: RSR Trailing Arm Mounts

Entering the final bit of welding and fabrication (metal-wise) on the Mary Stuart project, and just finished up the RSR Trailing Arm Mount conversion work; here are some photos:

These allow the use of 930 trailing arms – needed because of the widened track and offset of the massive wheel/tire combo that the Mary Stuart RSR used.  The 930 arm has significantly more robust wheel bearings than the Carrera arm to deal with the increased loads of a widened track.

For this project, we wanted the mount conversion (which is actually a front pickup point relocation as the 930 arms are shorter) to closely resemble the factory work on the 1973 RSR chassis – even though we are using a G50 torsion bar tube in our project (as opposed to the 915 torsion tube in the original car)

We modeled the conversion parts in the digital environment and prototyped for fitment in-house using printed parts and a G50 tube from inventory.

The end result is in keeping with the historic part, just as we like it at Zuffenhaus.   🙂