931 project.

Every so often, we deviate from 911 buildwerk; at the moment we’re finalizing the sheet metal phase of a 931 project.

In fact, here’s a shot from this morning’s panel gapping and alignment:

The 924/44 series has less adjustment than the air cooled 911, but the character lines are important and the panels still need to flow into each other properly to maintain the shape-aesthetic that Porsche is known for.

On the hot rod side of things (we are Zuffenhaus, after all) this 931 is getting a 951 intercooler – and is having the factory mounting grafted in:

The Celette keeps everything properly aligned and positioned for this procedure, and allows proper panel hanging relative to Porsche’s designated horizontal plane.

(You can also see some of the facilities’ up-fit work that’s occurring in the background!)

If you’re going to run a nose-mounted intercooler on your 931, why not keep it in the family and do it the way Porsche did?