COVID-19’s impact on Zuffenhaus policies & scheduling.

Observance of recent NC COVID-19 guidelines has resulted in a 6-8 week delay in project work; consequently, the schedule is currently full through November of this year.

Due to this scheduling backlog, it is incredibly difficult to monitor the phone during the business day, so email is the preferred method of communication for the next few months – please use

For the safety of clients and family alike, no outside personnel has been given access to the shop interior or been within any proximity of client vehicles since mid-March; this policy will continue for the upcoming months while more is learned about this coronavirus and its transmissibility.

Moving forward, shop visits will continue to be by appointment only (as always.) The use of masks while in the client reception area is appreciated; or if preferred, I’ll be happy to meet with you outside of the building for the receiving and returning of your vehicle.

I certainly appreciate your patience while we work our way out of this pandemic, and I hope everyone and their family members are safe & sound and doing well.