Intermission (Treffen)

964 AS BACK DATE PLATFORM Our visit to SVD got us thinking about the Zuffenhaus 964-based RSR that is now in assembly stage, as shown here: (please excuse the shop rag – the dust bunnies of our industry) The 964 is the ultimate back date platform – body panels and lines that do not stray far from the original pen but mechanical system developments that provide for chassis rigidity, functional climate controls, antilock brakes, and effective drivetrain right out of the box. SVD puts their signature on the 964 chassis as is well documented in the press – a synthesis …

MS RSR Body, Zuffenhaus.

Work continues on the Mary Stuart project @ Zuffenhaus. Technology is useful, but at the end of the day the hand (and eye) must be involved. This is the final handwork – contouring the quarter panel positive plugs, checking the shape where they will interface with the metal body, and correcting digital attempts to replicate flowing shape. Shortly, these plugs will be used to create molds to form the composite body panels.