Porsche Service and Repair.

Zuffenhaus Eurowerks has been focused on the repair & maintenance of Porsche vehicles since its inception.  Today, our shop encompasses 10,000 square feet dedicated to this, with the necessary facilities for mechanical work ranging from simple oil services to complete rebuilds.

We are prepared for any repair your 911 may need, now or in the future; so consider us if you are looking for a reputable, long-term service provider to be your partner in maintaining your Porsche investment.

The following is an overview of some of our more frequently requested services:


Our service relationship begins even prior to the purchase of your automobile with our PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION (PPI) Service. (or POST-purchase inspection, if you couldn’t wait!)

Zuffenhaus Eurowerks’ will inspect and critique the vehicle in consideration according to criteria developed according to our years of experience with these cars.

While it is not our policy to persuade/dissuade you from purchasing a particular vehicle, we will make every available effort to discern the condition and quality of the 911 in question so that you can make the most informed decision possible. The mission is to facilitate your long-term involvement with the marque, and an informed investment is the best way to begin.

If geography precludes our involvement in your vehicle inspection process, we offer our PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION CHECKLIST for download for your convenience and that of your chosen service provider.


view Porsche-Recommended Maintenance Schedules

We recommend that you follow manufacturer’s guidelines for mileage-based maintenance, with the exception of oil changes.* This routine maintenance is critical for the health and condition of your vehicle, and your satisfaction with it. Your scheduled maintenance should include an annual valve adjustment if you own an air-cooled Porsche (excluding 993.)

When Zuffenhaus performs your regular maintenance, you benefit from the depth of our product knowledge and the familiarity with your vehicle that we develop through seeing it routinely. Here are some situations that would have been avoided with regular inspections by a specialist:

Our water-cooled Porsche clients can expect to have their oil filters cut open and inspected for signs of IMS Bearing wear/failure during routine oil service.

* Eurowerks Services recommends regular oil changes every 3500 or 5000 miles depending on model.


Proper repair begins with correct diagnosis. Although modern Porsches rely heavily on on-board diagnostic computers to monitor operating parameters, they are often unable to correctly identify the root cause of deviations. Personal investment and depth of knowledge of the product are key components in excellent diagnostic work; while we employ both Porsche and aftermarket diagnostic equipment at Zuffenhaus, it is our specialized Porsche knowledge that informs the diagnosis and guides the resolution of your Code.


Our first experience with (and diagnosis of) Air /Oil Separator (AOS) failure was on a Boxster in 2005, following a dealership determination of engine failure. In the years since Porsche has struggled to remedy this issue, provoking several revisions of the AOS, but failures still occur.

Today, it is common knowledge that a failed separator allows oil to recycled into the intake manifold, causing the fouling of spark plugs, poor running condition, and in the worst cases, plumes of white smoke from the exhaust. AOS failure often causes a noise similar to the honking of a goose and can cause a Check Engine Light.


While well-intentioned Porsche owners may tell you that the likelihood and frequency of IMS Bearing failure in the Porsche M96/M97 engines (1997-2008) is remote; they almost certainly have not actually been exposed to the facts of this issue.

Here is a great article about the M96/M97 Intermediate Shaft Bearing Issue published by the Porsche Club of America’s Ohio Region.

Zuffenhaus was one of the first service providers in the Carolinas to offer the IMS Retrofit, having received training in IMS replacement by LN Engineering and Raby Enterprises; and we do this repair often (although we are not a paying advertiser on IMSRETROFIT.com.) Our clients are aware that oil degradation exacerbates this failure, and for this reason we do 5000 mile oil changes with inspection of the oil filter and routinely check camshaft deviation on all 986, 987, 996, and 997 Porsches.


Perhaps even more so than other component groups, your suspension requires frequent & regular inspection and maintenance.

Regular use is enough to compromise suspension alignment settings over time. Even in standard commuter vehicles, misalignment has perceptible effects on tire wear, steering performance and in some instances fuel mileage.

Extreme misalignment can produce instability under braking or inhibit emergency maneuvers. This situation can be exacerbated in enthusiast vehicles, which are designed with chassis performance and steering excellence in mind. Couple that with performance use, and regular alignments should become a mandatory part of your maintenance schedule.

Our alignment equipment is the Hunter Engineering Optical Alignment System for modified vehicles, specified by BMW for use on their newest chassis. It is also one of the only systems that provide an accurate alignment on extremely lowered vehicles, like the Porsche GT3 Cup. Our technicians can provide you with an accurate factory-specified alignment, reset your suspension for competition use, or provide a knowledgeable hybrid setting for your weekend track excursions. Ask about our Driver’s Education Special which involves before-and-after alignments to make the most out of your Driver’s Education weekends.

As part of your suspension, your wheels and tires play an important role in the performance and comfort of your Porsche.

The Damage-Free Tire Changer allows us to safely mount any size tire, even with extremely stiff or low profile sidewalls (like your track day tires) without the possibility of damage to your wheel.

When it is time to renew your tires, Zuffenhaus Eurowerks works with major wheel vendors and tire resellers to provide you with market-competitive pricing. As a Tire-Rack certified installer, we can provide any item in the Tire Rack inventory for you and save you the ordering and shipping effort.

Our Road Force Measurement System was chosen over other wheel balancers because of its advanced capabilities. In addition to providing the option of hiding the balancing weights behind the spokes of your wheel for aesthetics, it allows us to index the minute imperfections of every wheel and tire to require less weight altogether! In addition, “road force” is applied to the wheel/tire to track and measure inherent vibration and tread characteristics that resulting in ‘pulling’. This data is compiled and specific wheel and tires are matched, then mounted on specific corners of the vehicle to minimize or completely eliminate this effect. Furthermore, reducing the load on the spindles/hubs of your vehicle caused by vibration allows your suspension components to work less and more effectively.

Eurowerks Services is happy to extend our alignment and tire services to your other, non-Porsche vehicles for your convenience.


At some point in your vehicles life, it will be time to renew the major components, including the Engine and Transmission. We are fully equipped to completely renew and/or modify your engine or transmission to meet or exceed its original condition and performance.

We have dedicated ENGINE ROOMS to provide clean environments separate from the general shop space in which we perform major unit repair work. Organization is critical, as it is not uncommon to have 3-5 engines and various transmissions being rebuilt or modified at any given time.

As with our general repair and service offerings, we use only OEM (or better) components in our unit repair work.

Feel free to contact us for a conference about your upcoming rebuild and the various performance options you might be interested in.


When you bring your Porsche or BMW to Eurowerks, you can be assured that it is in a secure environment, and will be stored indoors during non-business hours. Any evidence of service work or the elements will be removed from your vehicle by light cleaning by the end of your appointment.

A more involved service can be coordinated for you with our recommended detail service provider, DETAILING BY TIM, at your request.

5 Levels of detail are available: Express, Vehicle Protectant, Signature, Executive, & Ultimate.

Contact our service advisor to set up your detail service during your appointment.