964 Backdate Notes: Hybrid Steering Column

Since 2006, we’ve been coming up with ways to backdate the 964 model into proper longhood 911s. ย One item that we’ve had the opportunity to share with other shops is the hybrid steering column, which allows the use of 69-73 levers, clamshell, and steering wheel and really makes for an authentic interior statement. We’re posting our notes here for public consumption – enjoy and good luck! ย (and let us know if you need a 380RS steering wheel to go with your newly backdated 964 steering column!) ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ Click/tap on the text below for a smartphone-sized copy for easy access …

Zuffenhaus Sighting

Friends of Zuffenhaus sighted in Aragiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan! Keep up the good work folks, we appreciate it!

RGruppe Treffen 15 in Cambria, CA.

The 15th RGruppe Treffen was a big one; sold out hotel, record number of cars and attendees, almost every old friend you could think of present and pleased to see you. Like 2013’s East Coast Bergrennen, Zuffenhaus was able to help out with the commemorative grille badge for Treffen XV, and happy to do so! This blog is being penned during the wee hours of Sunday morning in the terminal at LAX, so it’ll be a brief set of images from the weekend: Hope your weekend was equally satisfying, and we’ll see you back in the real world in a …

Brad Penn – overstocked!

We’re overstocked on Brad Penn at the moment – need some? Call or email us for the blogger deal – we need this space for another client project! (Contact info on CONTACT page of www.zuffenhaus.us) Tell them Keith sent you ๐Ÿ˜‰

New Friends from the Vaterland!

Zuffenhaus was pleased to meet and visit with our newest friend from Germany this morning: Mr. Stark surveyed the shop for a longtime friend and classic Porsche racer; both are Mary Stuart RSR enthusiasts and are patiently awaiting the first production run of bodywork for special projects back home! Look for an announcement about availability in upcoming months, and we look forward to visiting with our newest friends on our next occasion overseas!

Zuchs on 930 – Aggressive Fitment

You asked for it: more aggressive Zuchs fitment for wide body Porsches. The rise in popularity of the Singer Vehicle Design 911 equipped with the Zuffenhaus-Fuchs (Zuchs!) has drawn attention to the flush-fitting wheel aesthetic within the Porsche community. As a result, Zuffenhaus has been getting requests to configure the 3-piece 17inch Fuchs-styled wheels more aggressively – to really fill out the body work and get as much ‘dish’ (deep outer lip) as possible. Here’s the result: Front 3/4 view Rear 3/4 And a side view to show off the RSR Finish. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let us know when you are ready …

Choice of 930s! – 2 great local 911 Turbos for sale

A friend of Zuffenhaus is selling one of his 930s – either one; YOU choose: 1983 Euro 1987 US (Sold!) Both of these 911 Turbos have been cared for and recent service history is available. One of them is going to a new owner, you can make that decision! Here are the specifics per the owner: 1983 Porsche 911 Turbo, European Market Black/Black $45K 32,600 (indicated) mileage – the odometer gear reached its life expectancy in 2006, the owner has driven approximately 500 miles per year since. The GOOD STUFF FABSPEED exhaust – heat exchangers & muffler Upgraded Turbo, Intercooler, …

Eat Good. Do Good. Porsche racer helps fight Domestic Abuse.

Zuffenhaus friend and local Porsche racer (and Targa Newfoundland veteran!) is donating all proceeds to support Turning Point in their work to help victims of domestic abuse. No Porsche content here, but since you’re going to eat, why not eat at Salsaritas and help Casey do good on April 16th? Click on the image for a large resolution version for details. Thanks.