Proper Parenting

Yes, I know it’s a controversial subject. – And generally considered poor form and impolite to express opinion about the parenting efforts of others. In spite of that, I have to comment when I see examples of proper upbringing during a young person’s formative years. 😉 Have a great day Mom and Dad!

Hello 2013 – 12 years in!

Welcome to 2013! I was cleaning some old track-support containers this morning and found some old business cards: We don’t see as many 944 variants these days, but they are always welcome among the vintage 911 work and current wasserpumper service. These old cards almost make me miss 2001. (almost) 😉

Backdate Oil Lines, anyone?

We thought you 964 back-daters and hot-rodders would appreciate this. These are back-dated hard oil lines for a 964, which allow relocation of the thermostat to clean up the lower rocker area and capitalize on the ’73 RSR look: Currently being fine-tuned for production, these will be manufactured in stainless and will have Kevlar-braided/PTFE lightweight hose crimped on each end. Proper metric female fittings will be crimped on the opposing end of the hose sections for direct attachment to oil coolers and the relocated 964 thermostat – less fittings for less potential leak points! The thermostat side of the lines …

993 Fuchs!

Just a quick one this morning; the very first set of 993 Fuchs-style 3-piece wheels from Zuffenhaus Products: The wheels shown are the 993 C2S fitment – the standard C2 also utilizes the ‘Fuchs’ soft-lip; rear outer barrel is less generous than the C2S variant. Fitments for 993 C4S and TT are standard-lip only – the taller calipers take up valuable real estate that would otherwise be used for the distinctive soft-lip barrel. The wheels shown are in QC and assembly stage right now; we hope for these to be at their new home just in time for the Holidays!

2012 PRI Trade Show

As you certainly are aware (if you’ve called or emailed the shop in the last few days), we’re in Orlando at the PRI show. As usual, our trip down was not without consequence, and we were able to view local wildlife up close during our travel: I saved the Bott’s Dot. (See it poking around inside the RS splitter?) We’re attending few seminars, cornering some if our vendors, exploring new methods of car building, and being available to answer questions about our own products, when needed. Since Racing is in PRI, there is more than a little Porsche content at …

New RSR Rotor Hats: ’73 RSR

Just finished first pair of rear rotor hats for 1973 RSR Steel Trailing arms. Should be just the thing for the recent FIA changes disallowing 930 arms for RSR competition in Europe 😉

WERKing the ‘72, part III

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. – and learning! For instance: I learned that the ’72 has left and right shoes, labeled so just like mine when I was a child. More later as I get time!

PCA Carolinas Challenge 2012!

Just found time to upload some photos from the 2012 Porsche Club of America Carolinas Challenge race weekend. As you can see in the images below, there was an interesting mix of Porsches and BMWs present this year, partially due to the racing being interspersed with Driver’s Education sessions. (If you’ve never taken your Porsche to the track to stretch its legs in a controlled environment, you should consider participating in a club DE in the near future!) Limited battery life restricted the amount of photos this time around, but here are some of the interesting ones out of the …

WERKing the ‘72, part II

Engine out, Discovery. The PO and I had reviewed the records/service history together and the only 2 deviations from original configuration were the installation of Weber carbs, and a repaint and color change. The webers (sourced from PMO) were installed in 1988 during a total rebuild (including P/Cs) at 56,760 miles. Soon after, the car began its “Black Phase” (it was originally Light Yellow.) It was treated to new carpet, dash, trunk liner, targa top upholstery – you get the picture. Incidentally, I was in my own “Black Phase”, in ’89/90, as a sulky high school senior: (photo included for …