2.8RSR Brake Kit

[applications – early (non-vacuum assisted)911, late (with vacuum-assist) 911]

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Zuffenhaus Products has re-designed the sought-after 1973 911 RSR brake caliper for direct bolt-on for 911 models while maintaining an original appearance and accomodating 15” historic wheel fitment. (may require minimal trimming of brake backing plate tabs on rear trailing arms for rotor clearance)
Our Caliper internals have been designed to precisely match production 930 components to benefit from both service-parts availability and the utilization of dust seals for street use.

Front and Rear Calipers
Front 2-piece 32mm Rotors
Front Rotor Hats and Hardware
Front Hub Air Deflectors
Rear 1-piece 28mm Rotors
Optional 23.8mm Master Cylinder

We recommend 8-10mm spacers for applications that use original Fuchs wheels. Zuffenhaus Products’ OE Fuchs* Spacer Kit available separately.

Professional installation of brake components is recommended.

The installation of a 23mm or aftermarket dual master cylinder is a recommended option with these brake packages.


*Zuffenhaus Products is in no way affiliated with Porsche

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  We’ve ended up with some additional un allocated sets of calipers for 930 (or 911 hot rods using 930 trailing arms!) Rigorously tested and vigorously raced in Europe for several years, our 2.8RSR Calipers are now available stateside. These are available RIGHT NOW, if you want a set without the traditional made-to-order manufacturing run time.   Email us with your full contact info a shipping address to get a personalized quote for immediate delivery for your project!

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Ever seen any 1974 RSR endurance calipers? In person? We’ve finished up a cosmetic resurfacing and crossover line replacement on these historic pieces, and I thought you guys would appreciate some pictures before they are put back into service. Here they are on the Zuffenhaus conference table, prior to packing: :thumbs up:

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With 4/15 rapidly approaching, it’s almost impossible not to reflect on the previous year. In that frame, I’d like to share some of my favorite snapshots of 2011 with the rest of you. Early in the year we were final testing the Zuffenhaus Products’ 2.8RSR Calipers – an extraordinary product, already well received in Europe. Here we had just given up attempting to test to destruction, having long before exceeded F1 hydraulic pressures, and decided to hang out and shoot random images. Welding. – we do a bit of that around here. Being an East Coast operation, we try to …

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Zuffenhaus Products’ 2.8RSR Calipers being assembled, QC’d, and prepared for shipping to Europe in time for the 2012 Techno Classica in Essen. Contact TwinSpark for details, ordering instructions!

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