Late 911 Steering Hub

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[applications – 74-89 911]

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Mounting your new vintage-styled steering wheel in your car with a late-styled accordion hub can compromise the overall effect you’re after, so Zuffenhaus Products developed a solid billet hub which captures the original look and feel of the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s part for use in 1974-89 911s.

Our Late 911 Steering Hub is designed to be used with vintage steering wheels or Zuffenhaus Products’ own 911R or 911ST steering wheels.  It is drilled to accommodate either the historic 5-hole pattern of the R wheel or the enduring 6-hole MOMO pattern.

Created from forged billets with correct mounting for turn signal cancel ring, our steering hub is a faithful nod to vintage hubs, while taking advantage of modern technology and materials.

Replace your odd and era-incorrect modern aftermarket accordion hub with our attractive (and appropriate) alternative.


*Zuffenhaus Products is in no way affiliated with Porsche