RSR Spring Plate Bushing Mounts

[ applications – pre-G50 911 & 930 ]

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Here’s something we’ve been working on it the background at Zuffenhaus; reproduction RSR Spring Plates as Homologated in 1974. After researching modern aftermarket alternatives, we designed these for historically-correct appearance on our Mary Stuart RSR build.

The originals were created to use needle bearings, ours are designed in conjunction with Rebel S Racing to accept their Rear Bushing Set. (install according to Rebel S Racing’s instructions)

We’ve just road tested these on our ’72 911 to Laguna Seca and back (including some track time at Buttonwillow) – 6000+ miles!

Currently on second revision of the casting pattern, so expect castings to arrive this summer and this product to go live in the fall.

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