Zuchs on 930 – Aggressive Fitment

You asked for it: more aggressive Zuchs fitment for wide body Porsches. The rise in popularity of the Singer Vehicle Design 911 equipped with the Zuffenhaus-Fuchs (Zuchs!) has drawn attention to the flush-fitting wheel aesthetic within the Porsche community. As a result, Zuffenhaus has been getting requests to configure the 3-piece 17inch Fuchs-styled wheels more aggressively – to really fill out the body work and get as much ‘dish’ (deep outer lip) as possible. Here’s the result: Front 3/4 view Rear 3/4 And a side view to show off the RSR Finish. 😉 Let us know when you are ready …

911RS Backdate Steering Wheel

Pictured above is the business end of THE SOLUTION for mounting the historic 380mm RS/RSR Steering Wheel (or the vintage 400mm for that matter) on the ’74-’89 911 steering column. Zuffenhaus Products has developed this 2-piece Hub assembly as part of our product catalogue specifically for backdate applications – now it is no longer necessary to become part of the legion of prototipo & accordian-style hub users when backdating your SC or Carrera! We’ll be adding this product to our webstore shortly, but thought you’d appreciate some photographs of the wheel/hub combo in the meantime: The pictures above show the …

Spy vs Spy

Two European-market 930s – to get you guys through the weekend. – just like the comic in Mad magazine at Grandma’s house when you were a kid.

Client ’74 911/930S-look available.

Zuffenhaus client is offering his 1974 911 with 930S body conversion for sale. The 911 is in great structural shape, with Air Conditioning, Seat, and Engine upgrades. Seats have been replaced with cloth RS America Sport Seats, and wired correctly for power adjust. Windows have also been upgraded to power units. Engine has been upgraded to 3.2 with PMOs and dual-out stainless exhaust. Wheels are vintage 15″ Gottis. Interested parties please email info@zuffenhaus.us for additional information and pricing.

Center Locks!

Hello Porsche Center Locks. It’s now time to do those ’74 RSRs, 934 and 935 builds properly! These are Zuffenhaus Products Rear Center Lock Hubs for 930 Trailing Arms, fresh from getting their stub axle splines created. These are en route to drilling and Drive Pin installation, and final coating. Look for these in the marketplace in 2012.