MS RSR Body, Zuffenhaus.

Work continues on the Mary Stuart project @ Zuffenhaus. Technology is useful, but at the end of the day the hand (and eye) must be involved. This is the final handwork – contouring the quarter panel positive plugs, checking the shape where they will interface with the metal body, and correcting digital attempts to replicate flowing shape. Shortly, these plugs will be used to create molds to form the composite body panels.

new [center lock] wheel prototyping, Mary Stuart RSR build.

Yes, I am the world’s worst blogger.  Despite the excellent example John Glynn sets, I simply forget about this tool. So, once again I attempt to change my ways and offer you all this- a short clip of our 18inch RSR Center Lock wheel prototyping: This wheel is being developed as an alternative to the (now very old) original Center Lock wheels on vintage Porsches and will be constructed as a 3-piece wheel (the part above is the narrow version for cars with 9/11 inch flares) in the manner of our popular 17inch Fuchs-style 3-piece line.  The new wheel will …