PCA at the Speedway

Attended the PCA meeting at the Charlotte Motor Speedway last night – in the Speedway Club on the 6th floor, no less!

The view was what you’d expect:


(please excuse my taking advantage of any opportunity to photograph my wife)

We had the restaurant to ourselves, and it made for a pleasant evening – I can only speak for my table, but good food, enjoyable company, and entertaining topics (motorcycles, lawn care, some sporting contest called ‘football’) made for a relaxed environment where I was once again a Porsche owner and Club member, over and above Shop owner and Service provider.

It was a good evening, not even blemished by my curbing of the Speedlines on the right side of the 993 as we were leaving the Speedway. (ahem- it was dark)

The meeting’s location is part of a new North/South strategy – alternating locations to improve average proximity and convenience for members. The Charlotte region encompasses a lot of ground and the local road layout is not particularly efficient, so I believe this alternating location concept will be appreciated – although the terminology might need to be re-thought..?

I did note that there was only one classic Porsche in the lot (unless you consider my 993 to be an older Porsche) – the remainder of the vehicles being of the Wasserpumpe variety. This is probably to be expected, with the close ties PCA has to PCNA, but based on a cross-section of our clientele it is not a representative sample of the Charlotte Porsche community.

On that note, and speaking purely from a position of personal preference, it’d be good to see some older cars ( – even dirty, daily used like my own 911s) present in the parking lot in the future. After all, you know an enthusiast by examples of his/her dedication, and there is no denying that it can be ‘inconvenient’ to drive 30 or so miles to a meeting in an older Porsche! The older cars simply lack the absence of smell/sound/feel/overall affect of their younger siblings 😉 . Taking them out and doing so demonstrates the proper motivation for attending club meetings – the excuse to drive the car & have a nice meal with friends.

In keeping with that sentiment, you can expect to see my long hood in the parking lot in the future.