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Vintage Porsche Parts

Zuffenhaus designs, develops, produces, and markets specialized products for the vintage sport purposed Porsche automobile.

In 2006, lack of availability of ‘special’ and ‘historical’ parts led us to seriously consider short-run manufacturing of components we needed to complete the cars we were building for our clients. Recognizing the need for such items in the larger marketplace, Zuffenhaus Products was created.

By 2007 we’d rolled out 3 historic steering wheel reproductions: our take on the proper flat Prototipo wheel, the 911R wheel, and the 380mm RS/RSR steering wheel; 3 corresponding hubs; and 2 historical horn buttons.

But the largest market offering was our 17inch interpretation of the Fuchs wheel. Zuffenhaus was the market leader in the 17inch Fuchs-inspired segment, having created a well received, properly-proportioned, entirely new wheel product. (also in 18), now licensed to Fikse and well represented on the Singer Vehicle Design’s 911/964 restorations.

In 2009, we were able to make our products available to the European market; since then Zuffenhaus Products has been represented in Essen, Germany at the 2009, ‘10, and ‘11 Techno-Classica events.

Since that time, the product list has grown to include production pieces like the 2.8RSR/917 reproduction caliper, RSR hats and parking brakes, with more prototype parts currently in development.

We’re also developing a historic RSR center lock hub and wheel line and investigating reproducing other historical items. – As always, our products are driven by the needs of our build shop and the voids in the historic Porsche sports-purpose/racing market.