Calipers Available!

  We’ve ended up with some additional un allocated sets of calipers for 930 (or 911 hot rods using 930 trailing arms!) Rigorously tested and vigorously raced in Europe for several years, our 2.8RSR Calipers are now available stateside. These are available RIGHT NOW, if you want a set without the traditional made-to-order manufacturing run time.   Email us with your full contact info a shipping address to get a personalized quote for immediate delivery for your project!


MSRSR update: RSR Trailing Arm Mounts

Entering the final bit of welding and fabrication (metal-wise) on the Mary Stuart project, and just finished up the RSR Trailing Arm Mount conversion work; here are some photos: These allow the use of 930 trailing arms – needed because of the widened track and offset of the massive wheel/tire combo that the Mary Stuart RSR used.  The 930 arm has significantly more robust wheel bearings than the Carrera arm to deal with the increased loads of a widened track. For this project, we wanted the mount conversion (which is actually a front pickup point relocation as the 930 arms …


Weekend werk

– was just chatting with a friend of the shop about the cars that are getting some weekend attention here at ZUF, so here’s a snapshot of what we’ve got going on at the moment. What are you guys up to this weekend?


2.8RSR Calipers

We’re shipping calipers, y’all.  7 sets going on the truck to new owners. Get in line for the upcoming manufacturing run and reserve a set for yourself!

72 T in the mountains

Two Weeks in a 1972 911: Rennsport Reunion V (Part III)

PART III | Bring it home *author’s note: while launching the new site, I realized I’d never posted the third part of the RRV drive in the ’72 911! Please excuse the delay, here’s the rest of the journey: click here for PART I click here for PART II   Grand Canyon   Normally I’m a planner. I map out my trip in excel, keep a running tabulation of expenses, mileage, etc. Accordingly, I’d made all the appropriate reservations and budgeting before I left. However, on Sunday night it had occurred to me that I’d never been to the Grand …

neue Webseite!

Our old site was neat, but was the functional equivalent of a newspaper ad or phone book listing; an overhaul was well overdue.  – so, welcome to our new home on the internet! We’ll refining things based on your feedback; so let us know what you think! We’re easy to reach via the CONTACT link in the middle right of your screen, or by responding to this post (which can be done by clicking on its title and using the FB comments section below it.) Looking forward to it!

Rennsport Reunion V: Two Weeks in a 1972 911 (Part II)

. Two Weeks in a 1972 911: Rennsport Reunion V PART II | Rennsport Treffen Tehachapi Tuesday morning Chris and I got on the road at 6:30 – we had a track event at Buttonwillow Raceway  ( ) the following morning (already?!), and both of us wanted to be able to get to California early enough to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Heading west, the scenery was consistently and continuously impressive, one gorgeous vantage after another. The rest of the group at the La Posada – which had grown by 3 additional late model Porsches overnight – …

Rennsport Reunion V: Two Weeks in a 1972 911

PART I | Go West Young Man! (this article also published in the November 2015 issue of Carolinas’ PCA Tobacco Roads) I’ve been fortunate enough to attend 3 of the 5 Rennsport Reunions. My first was back in 2007; I rode down to Daytona, FL with my partners in our race transporter where we set up in the infield on Nascar 2 to host an informal PCA/RGruppe gathering spot with a great view of the action.  Then again in 2011, this time flying to the event in Monterey, CA, to support & represent our fledgling product company, where I experienced …

DIY 356 (outlaw) project.

Thanks almost single-handedly  to the Emorys the ‘outlaw’ 356 is on everyone’s short list nowadays.  Here is your opportunity to build your own. This outlaw 356  was started by a west-coast shop, then later sold to an east coast enthusiast.  It has been in storage at Zuffenhaus since 2009, and is now ready for a new owner to continue the project. The tub was previously prepared for a 911 engine/901 transaxle conversion, and shows some of the ‘outlaw’ visual language already; through-hood fill included. The tank has been modified for center-fill and the original filler closed: 911 Torsion Bar …