After 12 years at our Monroe, NC facility, we’re moving! – please bear with us, we will be unable to process orders for a short time during this transition. Feel free to reach out via email with any product-related questions – (

2.8RSR calipers – 2018 manufacturing is happening.

We’ve been making 2.8RSR reproduction calipers – first available in Europe, now in the US – since 2008. They’re perfect for your 73/74/75 RSR projects or 74/75 3.0RS builds; although they’re equally at home on 911ST tributes and early 911 hot rods. We make our calipers to-order in limited quantities each year or so, and we are now beginning the 2018 production. Let us know if you’d like to secure a set for your 911. The process begins with scheduling the casting run. We utilize a lost-foam method (like BMW does for its complex cylinder head production) employing our own proprietary …

2017 RGruppe Treffen

So, we’re on our way back from the 2017 RGruppe Treffen in Napa, CA; and have some photos to share, as usual. 🙂 There was a surprisingly large turnout this year, the reserved lot overflowing with sports-purposed early 911s was impressive, even after all these years. Standing around in a parking lot with your buddies while your early 911 hot rod cools off from the day’s adventure is a lot of of what RGruppe is; so this image is a perfect embodiment of the event for me. Some photos I liked, in no particular order, are here for everyone to …

R7 Throttle Pedal Extension

Need a heel/toe aid for your vintage 911? Why not follow the factory lead?   Here is our first reproduction of the throttle pedal extension used on the 1973 R7 ‘Mary Stuart’ RSR Prototype: CNC machined from 18mm marine-grade plywood for long life, this extension will help position the face of the pedal to better utilize the available factory adjustments. These extensions closely follow the pattern and dimensions of the hand-made original and will be finished in black to wear and patina with use like the real thing: Installs with provided screws into the factory pedal face for secure mounting. …

85L / RS Skid Plates are a go!

Well, we’ve just trial-fitted the first run of our skid plates for the plastic 85L tank, and they’re perfect: Finally you can pull that ridiculously cool, vintage RS tank (actually offered in 1970) down from the attic and put it back in service without fear of damage from road hazards. We designed these after the factory Rally skid plate used under the shallow-bottomed tanks, paying careful attention to the proper large radius at the front (for correct visual appearance when mounted), the overall width, and the placement and location of the mounting holes in the trunk floor – to produce …

RS Lightweight-inspired Seat Mounts (with a 30mm drop!)

Well, we’ve just picked up the first four production sets of our RS Lightweight-inspired seat mounts. These were designed to lower vintage and reproduction racing bucket seats in the F model 911.   After being unable to make use of the height adjustment holes in vintage seat sliders to recline the seats during a two week cross-country trip due to the high positioning of the seat at the lowest setting, we sat down and designed our own mounts. We were inspired by the minimal architecture of the RS Lightweight mounts used in competition in the early 70s, and held that …

RSR Rally Muffler Reproduction

We needed some R/RSR and ST/RSR Rally mufflers for some project cars that are running SSIs/heat exchangers (require heat) and after pouring over period photos we decided to convert some Dansk SS mufflers to make what we need. We’ve done a small run of perforated inner, double walled stainless 70mm exhaust tips, blockoff caps, and created our own fixture to install them at the correct upward angle and spacing of the original part: Still researching the correct flat grey coating for these, so if you have any insight there, please let us know!

Calipers Available!

  We’ve ended up with some additional un allocated sets of calipers for 930 (or 911 hot rods using 930 trailing arms!) Rigorously tested and vigorously raced in Europe for several years, our 2.8RSR Calipers are now available stateside. These are available RIGHT NOW, if you want a set without the traditional made-to-order manufacturing run time.   Email us with your full contact info a shipping address to get a personalized quote for immediate delivery for your project!

MSRSR update: RSR Trailing Arm Mounts

Entering the final bit of welding and fabrication (metal-wise) on the Mary Stuart project, and just finished up the RSR Trailing Arm Mount conversion work; here are some photos: These allow the use of 930 trailing arms – needed because of the widened track and offset of the massive wheel/tire combo that the Mary Stuart RSR used.  The 930 arm has significantly more robust wheel bearings than the Carrera arm to deal with the increased loads of a widened track. For this project, we wanted the mount conversion (which is actually a front pickup point relocation as the 930 arms …

Weekend werk

– was just chatting with a friend of the shop about the cars that are getting some weekend attention here at ZUF, so here’s a snapshot of what we’ve got going on at the moment. What are you guys up to this weekend?