2.8RSR calipers – 2018 manufacturing is happening.

We’ve been making 2.8RSR reproduction calipers – first available in Europe, now in the US – since 2008. They’re perfect for your 73/74/75 RSR projects or 74/75 3.0RS builds; although they’re equally at home on 911ST tributes and early 911 hot rods.

We make our calipers to-order in limited quantities each year or so, and we are now beginning the 2018 production. Let us know if you’d like to secure a set for your 911.

The process begins with scheduling the casting run. We utilize a lost-foam method (like BMW does for its complex cylinder head production) employing our own proprietary casting patterns. Casting is then followed by several post-processes that must occur before machining and assembly – all performed by different vendors within the US.  Once these processes are complete, the castings are machined, anodized, assembled, and tested here in North Carolina. We hand-deliver the castings to each specialist vendor, which allows us to maintain control over quality and the manufacturing timeline.

If you’d like to reserve a set out of the 2018 production, send an email to products@zuffenhaus.us