RS Lightweight-inspired Seat Mounts (with a 30mm drop!)

Well, we’ve just picked up the first four production sets of our RS Lightweight-inspired seat mounts.
These were designed to lower vintage and reproduction racing bucket seats in the F model 911.  

After being unable to make use of the height adjustment holes in vintage seat sliders to recline the seats during a two week cross-country trip due to the high positioning of the seat at the lowest setting, we sat down and designed our own mounts.
We were inspired by the minimal architecture of the RS Lightweight mounts used in competition in the early 70s, and held that aesthetic while improving the base seat position and inclination.

Our mounts lower the front seat cross rail below the height of the tunnel, and the rear is repositioned a full 30mm below the typical mount to allow use of the vertical adjustment holes in the seat tracks to adjust the seat as you see fit.

By deleting the rocker plate, we are able to improve the rigidity of the mount while limiting the net weight increase to 1.4 pounds per seat.

We also improved the mounting arrangement:  by using shoulder bolts received by a machined socket, the weight of the occupant is carried by a solid dowel instead of a threaded bolt in single-shear through the thread.

Constructed from chromoly where it counts and fully tig welded on precise fixturing of our own design, these seat mounts exceed the functionality, strength, and weight standards of any and alternatives that we’ve encountered.

Ready to upgrade your seat infrastructure?

$550 per car set (both seats) including all mounting hardware.