MSRSR update: RSR Trailing Arm Mounts

Entering the final bit of welding and fabrication (metal-wise) on the Mary Stuart project, and just finished up the RSR Trailing Arm Mount conversion work; here are some photos: These allow the use of 930 trailing arms – needed because of the widened track and offset of the massive wheel/tire combo that the Mary Stuart RSR used.  The 930 arm has significantly more robust wheel bearings than the Carrera arm to deal with the increased loads of a widened track. For this project, we wanted the mount conversion (which is actually a front pickup point relocation as the 930 arms …

Weekend werk

– was just chatting with a friend of the shop about the cars that are getting some weekend attention here at ZUF, so here’s a snapshot of what we’ve got going on at the moment. What are you guys up to this weekend?

Zuffenhaus 3.6MFI

MFI for Mary.

It’s been a while since we’ve updated; as we’ve been quite busy (and thankful for that!)  since our last post. We’ve been sorting our Celette benches, adding some in-house prototyping capability, continuing physical upfit (construction) of the facility, and making some strides on the Mary Stuart RSR project. Let’s talk about Mary. She’s getting proper MFI.  (If you know anything about us, you know this makes for big smiles around here.) The engine for this project is a 3.9l based on a 3.6, and as such was not designed for use with mechanical fuel injection, although the mounting bosses for the …

New Friends from the Vaterland!

Zuffenhaus was pleased to meet and visit with our newest friend from Germany this morning: Mr. Stark surveyed the shop for a longtime friend and classic Porsche racer; both are Mary Stuart RSR enthusiasts and are patiently awaiting the first production run of bodywork for special projects back home! Look for an announcement about availability in upcoming months, and we look forward to visiting with our newest friends on our next occasion overseas!

MSRSR update.

Just some quick shots of installation work on the Mary Stuart project: You’ve seen the rear quarter panel and flare (shown here from a couple of angles) – and the front is turning out very impressive as well! This is about how much sheet metal is removed when installing this front flare: And the same for the rear: Nice.

Mary Stuart RSR – milestone.

A milestone has been passed on the MSRSR. FINALLY, off comes the Close Encounters inspired construction! Like a carefully constructed Easter egg, the temporary Mary Stuart body work is cracked open and removed from the 911 underneath. The carbon body work, having been completed and deemed suitable for installation (understatement – these panels are extraordinary!) is replacing the mocked-up body panels on the 911 shell. The panels in question: First, the fenders are removed: A flange is left around the perimeter of the panel – this will be the bonding surface for attaching the carbon panel. The flange shown is …

Mary Stuart Update

Today’s Mary Stuart update – post composites shop inspection: The initial surfacing work on one of the rear quarters has been completed! And, only FOUR areas need to be addressed prior to mold making. This is almost unheard of in our world (and makes our day around here!) You might notice the pen marks in the photos. You’ll likely observe the extremely pleasing curves and shapes of the historic Mary Stuart RSR prototype body. And here is the carbonmeister himself, working his magic (literally, it would seem…) More to come as this project develops!

911RS Backdate Steering Wheel

Pictured above is the business end of THE SOLUTION for mounting the historic 380mm RS/RSR Steering Wheel (or the vintage 400mm for that matter) on the ’74-’89 911 steering column. Zuffenhaus Products has developed this 2-piece Hub assembly as part of our product catalogue specifically for backdate applications – now it is no longer necessary to become part of the legion of prototipo & accordian-style hub users when backdating your SC or Carrera! We’ll be adding this product to our webstore shortly, but thought you’d appreciate some photographs of the wheel/hub combo in the meantime: The pictures above show the …