Mary Stuart RSR – milestone.

A milestone has been passed on the MSRSR.

FINALLY, off comes the Close Encounters inspired construction!

Like a carefully constructed Easter egg, the temporary Mary Stuart body work is cracked open and removed from the 911 underneath.

The carbon body work, having been completed and deemed suitable for installation (understatement – these panels are extraordinary!) is replacing the mocked-up body panels on the 911 shell.

The panels in question:

First, the fenders are removed:

A flange is left around the perimeter of the panel – this will be the bonding surface for attaching the carbon panel. The flange shown is cut generously – it will be trimmed down again before the bonding occurs to leave a clean seperation line on the interior of the fender well.

You can see that the tail light housing is retained, for proper fit and strength (the tailights are heavy!)

And finally, the first test-fit of the first Zuffenhaus carbon fiber panel work:

– it’s been a long process, but the results certainly speak for themselves!

We’re happy with the preliminary fit of this panel, and excited to be moving forward on this build.