911RS Steering Wheel

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[applications – early 911, 914-6]

911RS Horn Button Sold Separately.

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Zuffenhaus Products is excited to have revived the 380mm RS four-spoke steering wheel, as originally found in the 1973 Carrera RS.

Our 911RS Steering Wheel faithfully replicates the original in both look and feel, having been produced at great expense as closely as possible in every regard to correct detail. The center hub and steel top ring are exactly as original and the method of assembly uses original DIN German steel rivets and special tooling created by us to recreate the original appearance of the rivet head both front and back. Prior to stitching, they are test fitted with leather to insure the correct look and shape. During final assembly the stitching is closely examined and adjusted to create an accurate final appearance.

Zuffenhaus Products’ 380mm 911RS Steering Wheel is a direct fit for your 65-73 911 or 914-6 steering column. It accepts the original factory horn buttons regardless of style and the turn signal cancel ring fits exactly as on the original wheel. Use with your original horn button, or Zuffenhaus Products’ own 911RS horn button to complete your vintage interior.

Capture the look and feel of the 1973 Carrera RS/RSR for your 911, or preserve your rare original RS/RSR steering wheel from wear & tear by substituting our 911RS Steering Wheel for daily service.

911RS Horn Button Sold Separately.


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