2012 RGruppe Bergrennen, part II

Now that we’ve been back from the West Virginia event for a week and had time to decompress and begin to deal with the pile-up that occurs in the shop schedule after being out of town, it’s time for more 2012 RGruppe Bergrennen images!

Each day of the event I was struck by the perfect timing of Autumn in the WV mountains – if there were an icon suitable for association with this gathering the image above would be it!

Lots of autumn leaf action:

But I digress. The parking lot is the foundation of an RGruppe event as I understand it, and scenic mountain roads aside that perception held true in WV.


Steering Wheel love:

Targa love:

Mrs. and Mr. Zuffenhaus (no relation):

Zuffenhaus Targa Roof Rack prototype (mountain testing!):

– that wraps up part II! (Stay tuned for part III and the locomotive.)