RSR Zuchs! (Zuffenhaus Products 17inch 3-piece Fuchs-style wheels)

Zuchs (and dog.)

It’s been a while since I first heard the term ZUCHS; coined by a modern-day Andy Rooney on the Pelican Parts porsche web forum to describe our 17inch 3-piece Fuchs-style wheels.

I think it’s appropriate to bring the term back into the lexicon for 2013, as the product is now being distributed in increasing quantities and showing up everywhere!

Here’s today’s batch, in fact – fully assembled and ready for sealant – being carefully guarded by our in-house security while in our possession:

and Zuchs (with dog.)

and again, Zuchs (with dog.)

Developed in 2008 in collaboration with Jeff Alton (then Zuffenhaus Products partner and father of the original concept) and Kodiak Motorsports (the original manufacturing partner), the Zuffenhaus Fuchs-style wheel evolved through no-less than five significant design iterations leading to the initial prototype run (pre-sold on Pelican Parts web forums – thanks to Wayne Dempsey and Scott Shores!) and several improvements since.

The most current change has been the adaptation of the Fikse Motorsports barrel architecture to gain manufacturing synergy with the Fikse product – leading to its inclusion in the Fikse Motosports catalogue and availability through the global Fiske dealer network!

The modern “Zuchs” wheel, if you like, is showing up EVERYWHERE.

You’ve probably seen it in use on the Singer Vehicle Design creations, but did you know it’s also on 993s and historic and over-the-top DP 935 Street porsches? The Zuchs is even at home on the 964 RS/RS America model, and 964-based widebody backdate builds.

Unlike other 17inch Porsche aftermarket wheels that use recycled 35 year old Porshe 911 wheel centers as a foundation, the Zuffenhaus wheel is composed entirely of virgin 6061 material, forged, flowed, machined and heat treated to create an entirely new wheel in the iconic Fuchs-shape.

The raw creation is then delivered to renowned restorer Harvey Weidman for the hand-crafted RSR finish. If you’ve never seen a Weidman RSR finish in person, you probably can’t imagine the quality of the surface; textured and anodized to perfectly recreate the factory appearance, the end-result isn’t even properly represented in photographs – it has to be experienced in person.

The final step of the creation of the Zuffenhaus wheel is assembly by hand, individually, at Zuffenhaus. When you receive your RSR Zuchs, you’ll know that it has been developed by enthusiasts, and created by craftsmen specifically for you!

still more Zuchs (and dog.)