We’re a Porsche shop.

Welcome to Zuffenhaus Eurowerks.
We specialize in Porsche service, repair, restoration, and fabrication – and are proud to have been doing so since 2001.

IMG_5352(that’s our shop)
Our business has been built on three principles:


As enthusiasts ourselves, we have a personal interest in these cars and our goal is to exceed the standard of quality, attention to detail, and depth of product knowledge expected by our clients.

Accordingly, we stand by our work. Our workmanship and materials are warrantied for 24 months after your visit.

In pursuit of this standard, we employ specialized tools and the appropriate equipment to assist our staff; investing in and employing Porsche factory diagnostic tools, frame benches, and special factory tooling for engine and transmission renewal. Non-factory equipment that we employ includes Hunter Engineering’s Road Force Measurement System (Wheel Balancer), Damage-Free Tire Changer, & Optical Alignment System. We also design and build our own specialized equipment as needed, such as our in-house Bosch MFI testing/calibration station.

Over the years, our shop has grown to nearly 20,000 square feet dedicated to Porsche work, and includes the facilities needed for mechanical work ranging from simple oil services to complete engine & transaxle rebuilds.



We provide mechanical services ranging from regular maintenance to complete rebuilding of engine and drivetrain for both air-cooled and water-cooled models.

We’ve been caring for water cooled Porsches since they were first coming out of warranty in 2001; in a sense we’ve aged with these cars and our experience deepens with each and every service. .IMS Bearing replacements, water pump failures, coil packs, air/oil separators, coolant reservoirs, coolant line issues, center driveshaft bearings, fuel tank pickups, convertible top transmissions; you name it, we’ve been addressing these failures for our clients even as the market was becoming aware of them.  In addition to the years of service behind us, we also invest in current model training on a regular and ongoing basis to be prepared to care for your newer Porsche when it’s manufacturer’s warranty period is over.

IMG_1862(that’s our parking lot)

And although we are proficient in water-cooled Porsche service,  air-cooled Porsches are our forte.  We’ve been maintaining, modifying, and building the luftgekühlt since the doors opened, and our expertise extends to all eras, 356 to 993.  In addition to major mechanical rehabilitation and tuning, historic backdating and structural modification, and sports-oriented enhancement and suspension setup, our in-house restoration capabilities include all aspects of rust remediation and chassis straightening, utilizing Porsche-specified and dedicated Celette frame benches.

Take a moment to explore an overview of some of our many service offerings in the links (and sub-links!) to the left of this page and let us know if we can assist in maintaining of your Porsche investment.


and Professionalism.

Your patronage is important to us, and want you to have a positive experience at Zuffenhaus.

We strive to provide a pleasant atmosphere at our shop so that you and your family can feel comfortable during your service visit, and communicate in a clear manner so as to fully understand your requests and properly meet your expectations.


For your convenience and to allow us to focus on your specific vehicle during its time with us, all service is by appointment only.

We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs, but as with any expert service provider, our schedule does fill quickly during certain times of the year. Being a smaller, more focused shop, our service schedule typically runs same-week to one week out; whereas our restoration/special project schedule can have a 12-18 month lead time. Emergency work is given scheduling priority for the safety and convenience of our clientele. Cancellations, customer conflicts, and special service situations can occur, so contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule your visit.


When you arrive at Zuffenhaus Eurowerks, please use the Client Entrance on the east side of the building (we’re in Unit C.) The client entrance is a glass door accessible via the parking lot on the left side of the property. For insurance reasons and to allow us to properly care for your Porsche, we will move your car from the client parking to the shop parking area behind the fence, and into/out of the shop area as necessary. When your work is completed a manager will perform a final test drive, and you will find your Porsche waiting for you in the client parking once again.

Similarly, we ask our clients to not enter shop areas or shop parking areas unescorted – for both your safety and that of your car – in addition to maintaining the distraction-free environment in which our technicians operate.

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For short-duration service work, we encourage you to relax in our client reception area – a second story viewing gallery overlooking our service bays – where you will have an unobstructed view of all work that occurs during your visit. (An elevator is provided for your convenience to access our client reception) We also encourage you to make use of our WI-FI, or weather-permitting, enjoy the outdoors with a stroll along our 3/4 mile nature trail.


We understand that it can be difficult to make time during the workday to bring your Porsche for its appointment. Many of our clients choose to drop off after hours or on weekends, using our Key Drop Box. If this is more convenient for you, call us and we’ll walk you through the drop off procedure and location of the key drop box.

Vehicles dropped off during the weekend will be moved into the building by one of the partners before that evening. (All client vehicles are stored indoors at Zuffenhaus.)


Our BMW & Mini owners are 15% of our repeat business and can expect the same level of quality, skill, and attention as our Porsche clientele. We have considerable experience with the mechanical and structural aspects of these cars and look forward to the opportunity to provide this service to new clients.

Helpful links for new clients:

The following links are provided for new clients to familiarize themselves with Zuffenhaus policies and procedures, and to assist potential clients in the process of evaluating and comparing Porsche service providers. (click on the headings to review the associated documents)


In North Carolina, before any service or repair can commence you must authorize us to work on your vehicle. The Zuffenhaus Eurowerks Client Authorization Form can be downloaded and brought with you, signed at our reception counter when you arrive, or can be found in the after-hours key drop box (printed on the face of your key envelope.)


As stated above, we warranty our workmanship and materials for 24 months/24,000 miles. Please feel free to review our warranty before your scheduled appointment.


Our service relationship begins even prior to the purchase of your Porsche, with our PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION (PPI) Service.

Eurowerks’ Technicians will inspect and critique the vehicle according to five pages of criteria developed from our experience with these vehicles. While it is not our policy to persuade or dissuade you from purchasing a particular vehicle, we will make every available effort to discern the condition and quality of the automobile in question so that you can make the most informed decision possible. Our mission is to facilitate your long-term involvement with the marque, and an informed investment is the best way to begin. The results of our inspection belong to you. Our staff will not share your PPI results with anyone without your authorization.

If geography precludes our involvement in your vehicle inspection process, we offer our PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION CHECKLIST for download for your convenience and that of your chosen service provider.


If you already own your Porsche and are bringing it to us for the first time, it will receive a complimentary 37-point checkover. We provide this service in order to establish a baseline of overall condition and advise you of components that may need mechanical attention in the near future. We’ll work with you to prioritize and develop a timeline strategy for addressing any issues that are revealed during the inspection – so you can focus on enjoying your car instead of worrying about unpleasant surprises.