RSR Center Lock Wheels

[ applications – center-lock hub equipped 911s, 930s ]

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Zuffenhaus 18 RSR CL wheel – Tall Version (prototyping)

– for those times in life when a flare less than 14″ just won’t do. Shown with the narrow version, for mere 9-11″ applications… Have a great weekend, and if you’re lucky enough to be at the Techno Classica, have one for us!

Center Lock Pairing

Test fitting of the 18″ RSR Center Lock Wheel center with the Porsche Center Lock Hub and corresponding nut. Everything looks good!

Zuffenhaus 18″ RSR Center Lock Wheel

Work continues on the Zuffenhaus Products 18″ 3-piece RSR Center Lock Wheel center, as you can see in the video: if the video doesn’t show, click here Look for this product to debut on a handful of notable builds, including the Zuffenhaus Mary Stuart RSR project. In the meantime, here it is in digital format, followed by the prototype in process:

Center Locks!

Hello Porsche Center Locks. It’s now time to do those ’74 RSRs, 934 and 935 builds properly! These are Zuffenhaus Products Rear Center Lock Hubs for 930 Trailing Arms, fresh from getting their stub axle splines created. These are en route to drilling and Drive Pin installation, and final coating. Look for these in the marketplace in 2012.

new [center lock] wheel prototyping, Mary Stuart RSR build.

Yes, I am the world’s worst blogger.  Despite the excellent example John Glynn sets, I simply forget about this tool. So, once again I attempt to change my ways and offer you all this- a short clip of our 18inch RSR Center Lock wheel prototyping: This wheel is being developed as an alternative to the (now very old) original Center Lock wheels on vintage Porsches and will be constructed as a 3-piece wheel (the part above is the narrow version for cars with 9/11 inch flares) in the manner of our popular 17inch Fuchs-style 3-piece line.  The new wheel will …