Pictured above is a 911 that has quite a history with Zuffenhaus. It was, in fact, the first project to be taken on by the formalized racing & fabrication branch of our company.

Through the years circumstance has brought Zuffenhaus and the H/H RSR together repeatedly.

Our first involvement with this 911 occurred in 2005, preparing it to compete in the Targa Newfoundland with the fabrication of a full cage and associated safety equipment. It was a modest, blue 1981 SC at the time.

The 911 returned from Newfoundland a crumpled mess – having rolled several times at high speed during the final days of the event.

The basic structure of the car (and the drivers, thankfully) was unhurt. The owner, having had a long history with the car, opted to rebuild it – as a 1973 RSR backdate. The work included a full roof replacement, supplemental cage work penetrating front and rear firewalls to tie the suspension points solidly to the cage structure, highly modified strut towers and rear pickup points, fiberglass fenders, quarters, bumpers, hood and decklid, mono balled 935-style suspension, coil overs, aftermarket 17″ fuchs, and a G50 transaxle conversion.

The ’81 SC emerged from Zuffenhaus as the Light Yellow RSR pictured above and competed in the following Targa Newfoundland event.

The RSR visited Zuffenhaus afterward for additional backdate items, including period correct seating and exhaust.

In 2011, the owner of the RSR brought the car to show at Zuffenhaus’ Open Haus/9 Year celebration at our new facility. Massive storms occurred on the day of the event, and the RSR was damaged on its return home, victim of standing water, R-spec tires and short, wide wheel base.


Once again, the RSR went under the saw – this time requiring new sheet metal at the front of the trunk, repair work to the fiberglass fenders, and replacement of the hood, bumper, and fuel cell.


During this work, ownership changed hands to the Targa Newfoundland co-driver, long-time friend of the original owner (and the other H in H/H RSR.)

Today the RSR is being shaken down and road tested: