ZUCHS (our 3-piece Fuchs-style wheels)

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Zuchs orders are processed through FIKSE, contact your local FIKSE Dealer or click here to have a set made for you!

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Zuffenhaus Products started the 17inch Fuchs replica wheel movement with the creation of our our definitive Zuchs wheel in 2007; inspiring competition from a number of other companies, including Fuchs themselves.

Today, we are pleased to continue to offer our faithfully scaled, 17″ reproduction of the original Fuchs* wheel for your Porsche (fantastically represented on the Singer Vehicle Design 911s) through the FIKSE Dealer Network; and can now also provide this wheel in 18″ diameters for your water-cooled Porsches!

Our manufacturing and distribution partnership with FIKSE allows us to significantly reduce manufacturing and delivery times for this custom made, limited volume product while capitalizing on the experience & reputation of the FIKSE brand. Take advantage of modern tire selection, and enjoy the traditional Stuttgart aesthetic for your more current Porsche automobile.

Available in fitments for air-cooled AND water-cooled Porsche.

ZUCHS are a completely proprietary wheel; our Zuffenhaus Fuchs-style wheels are made specifically for Zuffenhaus Products per our design – using no historic Fuchs components – around a blind fastened forged center and retain the classic good looks of the originals they pay tribute to.

Engineered and certified to SAE J328 specifications.


*Zuffenhaus Products is in no way affiliated with Porsche or Fuchs.


A client inquired about the weights of our Zuchs for the 964 this morning, and we thought other folks might also be interested in this! Since our Zuchs are custom-made to order by Fikse for each individual client we rarely have product lying around to answer these inquiries with photographs. Today, however, we happen to have a 7.5/9.0 set in hand, so on the scales they went: As shown, these wheels are partially assembled, so we’d add 8.4 oz per wheel for the remaining fasteners, and about half of that for the sealant, bringing the fully assembled wheels in somewhere …

Zuchs on 930 – Aggressive Fitment

You asked for it: more aggressive Zuchs fitment for wide body Porsches. The rise in popularity of the Singer Vehicle Design 911 equipped with the Zuffenhaus-Fuchs (Zuchs!) has drawn attention to the flush-fitting wheel aesthetic within the Porsche community. As a result, Zuffenhaus has been getting requests to configure the 3-piece 17inch Fuchs-styled wheels more aggressively – to really fill out the body work and get as much ‘dish’ (deep outer lip) as possible. Here’s the result: Front 3/4 view Rear 3/4 And a side view to show off the RSR Finish. 😉 Let us know when you are ready …

Glamour Shot; DP 935/Street

Just a quick image sent to us by a client of his new Zuffenhaus Fuchs-style wheels on his DP: (courtesy of RPM Sports Cars, Houston)

993 Fuchs!

Just a quick one this morning; the very first set of 993 Fuchs-style 3-piece wheels from Zuffenhaus Products: The wheels shown are the 993 C2S fitment – the standard C2 also utilizes the ‘Fuchs’ soft-lip; rear outer barrel is less generous than the C2S variant. Fitments for 993 C4S and TT are standard-lip only – the taller calipers take up valuable real estate that would otherwise be used for the distinctive soft-lip barrel. The wheels shown are in QC and assembly stage right now; we hope for these to be at their new home just in time for the Holidays!

993 Fuchs

We’ve been test fitting the Zuffenhaus Products 3-piece Fuchs-style Wheels on 993s today: This is an 8.0 inch fitment on the front of a 993 C2 with stock brakes and uprights. And the rear – These are fairly aggressive fitments – emphasizing the shape of the 993 body and fenders (hopefully in a way the factory failed to do!) The black 993 pictured is lowered significantly and has more negative camber than a stock example – it is what we consider a street/track set up, careful on speed bumps and driveways, but useable for daily commuting. Contrast that with a …

IN WITH THE NEW. 2012 Zuffenhaus Fuchs (-style 3-piece 17 inch wheels)

We are pleased to announce the all-new Zuffenhaus Fuchs-style wheel. Completely redesigned for 2012, this Version II wheel borrows no components from the original, but shares it’s DNA, as you can see for yourself in the image above. Like the game-changing first generation ZUF wheel, the Version II (shown on left in raw 6061T6 aluminum) bases its aesthetic mission on a properly-scaled, proportionally pleasant true 17inch center. Blind-fastened from the rear, proprietary “soft-lip” still in place, the new Zuffenhaus wheel continues the correct interpretation of the historical Fuchs sized for today’s tire options. Manufactured for Zuffenhaus by FIKSE, this new …

Zuffenhaus RS.

RS. – the right way.

Zuffenhaus Fuchs wheel assembly

We thought we’d share a couple of pictures of QC checking during wheel pre-assembly on a beautiful Friday morning. Have a great weekend!

For Valentines Day: Ducktailed RSA on Zuffenhaus Fuchs

Zuffenhaus Products Fuchs-styled 3-piece Wheels and Ducktail are a perfect marriage for the 964 platform. (car shown does not actually belong to St. Valentine)