Eat Good. Do Good. Porsche racer helps fight Domestic Abuse.

Zuffenhaus friend and local Porsche racer (and Targa Newfoundland veteran!) is donating all proceeds to support Turning Point in their work to help victims of domestic abuse. No Porsche content here, but since you’re going to eat, why not eat at Salsaritas and help Casey do good on April 16th? Click on the image for a large resolution version for details. Thanks.

MSRSR update.

Just some quick shots of installation work on the Mary Stuart project: You’ve seen the rear quarter panel and flare (shown here from a couple of angles) – and the front is turning out very impressive as well! This is about how much sheet metal is removed when installing this front flare: And the same for the rear: Nice.

Old World Craft, Quality.

We were asked in class last night (you folks don’t take night classes to stay current on technologies and methods that affect your skill sets?!) if any of us were familiar with casting techniques. Of course I am, as a result of my background – but Zuffenhaus is as well. In addition to needing mold-making experience to design and execute the Zuffenhaus Mary Stuart RSR body panels, we also made the decision to base the Zuffenhaus 2.8RSR Calipers on castings, as per the originals. Although the alloy and post-pour techniques have improved over the years, the base process has been …

964 Backdate RSR

Just a quickie for Friday. This is the long overdue 964-to-1972 RSR build, on the rack for suspension rough-in. It’s the business, most assuredly. Initial rough-in is for ride height and rake decision-making, as well as creating a square and level base for hanging the front bodywork. Normally we’d set up a 964 nearly flat at the sills, but it just won’t say ‘911’ without some rake. This RSR is sans interior, trunk lid, fenders, fuel tank, and bumpers, but is respectably light even at this stage: Not bad for all-steel with sound-deadening. Completed project will have stereo, AC, and …

Deferred Maintenance, 2013.

Since we are also involved in servicing Porsches at Zuffenhaus Eurowerks, we see our fair share of wear and tear on 911s. The number of notable examples have risen since 2008, as owners felt the pinch of the economy and opted to defer regular maintenance. It’s 2013, and time to inspect and address issues! Here are a few examples of what we’ve encountered this year. 997 Water Pump: 993 C2S Wheel Bearing: 912 Wheel Bearing: These are safety issues, friends. For the sake of yourself and your passengers, it’s time to put 911 maintenance back into the household budget!

Mary Stuart RSR – milestone.

A milestone has been passed on the MSRSR. FINALLY, off comes the Close Encounters inspired construction! Like a carefully constructed Easter egg, the temporary Mary Stuart body work is cracked open and removed from the 911 underneath. The carbon body work, having been completed and deemed suitable for installation (understatement – these panels are extraordinary!) is replacing the mocked-up body panels on the 911 shell. The panels in question: First, the fenders are removed: A flange is left around the perimeter of the panel – this will be the bonding surface for attaching the carbon panel. The flange shown is …

1974 RSR Endurance Calipers!

Ever seen any 1974 RSR endurance calipers? In person? We’ve finished up a cosmetic resurfacing and crossover line replacement on these historic pieces, and I thought you guys would appreciate some pictures before they are put back into service. Here they are on the Zuffenhaus conference table, prior to packing: :thumbs up:

RSR Zuchs! (Zuffenhaus Products 17inch 3-piece Fuchs-style wheels)

It’s been a while since I first heard the term ZUCHS; coined by a modern-day Andy Rooney on the Pelican Parts porsche web forum to describe our 17inch 3-piece Fuchs-style wheels. I think it’s appropriate to bring the term back into the lexicon for 2013, as the product is now being distributed in increasing quantities and showing up everywhere! Here’s today’s batch, in fact – fully assembled and ready for sealant – being carefully guarded by our in-house security while in our possession: Developed in 2008 in collaboration with Jeff Alton (then Zuffenhaus Products partner and father of the original …